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A global membership of professional and advanced astronomers, scientists, astrophotographers and science writers.

Southern Galactic and Northern Galactic International was established to commemorate the United Nations International Year of Astronomy in 2009 and was officially launched in November 2008.
In partnership with scientists, professional and advanced astronomers and science writers from many countries, Southern Galactic and Northern Galactic International aims to gather together research and discoveries in the areas of optical and radio astronomy, astrophotography, planetary studies, and space atmospheric sciences as a service to the interested public. We achieve this by providing a globally themed internet presence with data storage and logistical support to astronomers both professional and amateur working in either hemispheres.

Our service is available to all astronomers and scientists throughout the world so they may freely share their findings, news, images and discoveries in all areas of astronomy and their related sciences. Southern Galactic and Northern Galactic International also supports and contributes to the general understanding and appreciation of astronomy by initiating and participating in public education and outreach programs. This may include live broadcasts or video feeds of special or unusual astronomical events, or interactive live conferences between high profile members and the general public.

Both sites contain up-to-date weather data pertaining to either hemisphere as a service to our Members and Users as well as other helpful astronomy based content.

News RSS Feeds from numerous Official Government sources on all aspects of astronomy are also made available to both NG and SG sites and are updated 4 times per day.
This assists the reader in keeping up to date with the latest Astronomy News and Developments all from the one internet location.

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