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Southern Galactic and Northern Galactic International forms part of a global astronomy network of southerngalactic.com, southerngalactic.org, southerngalactic.net as well as the northerngalactic.com, northerngalactic.org and northerngalactic.net domains which are registered and maintained from within the United States, Switzerland and Australia.

Members are able to upload images and video of up to 5 megabytes each in size. Allowable formats include BMP, Gif, Jpg, Fits, tif and gif including mov, wmd, wmf, pdf, wav, mp3 file types. If there are specific file types required but not included here, please email the administrators to include your required format.

Including the ability to upload images and file content to the forum areas of both the Southern Galactic and Northern Galactic sites, members are also able to create public vieweable subject based Albums for display to the public and other members. See the FAQ for further information.

In order to Register as a member to either Southern Galactic or Northern Galactic, you must supply your name in full as nicknames are automatically deleted from attempted registrations; EG: John Smith or Mario Pasquale are accepteble whereas icicleman or scopefiend are not. Registrations must also contain an email address that is present within your own personal website url. Your URL should be included in your registration details.

By supplying the above, your registration will be approved quickly.

For further details regarding the functions and features available within the Southern Galactic and Northern Galactic International Sites, please see the FAQ Link at the top of each page.

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